Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip Review

Even if you’ve only recently chosen to take matters into your own hands when haircuts are concerned, you’ve probably heard the name Wahl associated with top-quality equipment for professional hairstylists and barbers, as well as the ever-more interested home user. They’ve been enjoying a great reputation for almost 100 years now, a well-deserved one if you take a look back at their stellar lineup.

One of the newest and currently most talked about of their clipper models is the Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip. Catering to experienced DIY haircut enthusiasts and true professionals, it’s a model worth having a very close look at if you’re looking to upgrade from a duller or less powerful one. Here are the details on its performance which may persuade you to do just that.

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Features of the Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip

Wahl advertises these clippers as being for professionals, and with good reason – as soon as you take the clippers out of their stylish box you’ll notice the razor-sharp blades that are responsible for the magic in their name.

Closer inspection reveals that they don’t overlap, making for a smoother and ultimately faster cut extremely responsive with a tendency to glide along the scalp and make even shorter work of hair both short and long, they’re intended for people who aren’t new to making their own fade or something more basic like a crew cut or trim. The blades perform well on “normal” hair, but their performance isn’t impacted by unruly or thick hair either.

Another aspect of these clippers which exudes professionalism is their outward appearance. The body is colored in a combination of white and dark brownish clay, giving the clippers an unusual and sophisticated look. How they feel inside your hand is more important, and Wahl managed to design their weight and balance immaculately. Meaty enough so you can perform precision cuts more easily, but not too heavy to use in a professional barbershop setting throughout the day, it’s a balanced machine which adapts itself very well to your wrist’s contours, ensuring a tight grip and good precision.

These are corded clippers meaning that you get to take full advantage of their power while sacrificing only a little bit on mobility. The cord is a generous eight-feet long, allowing you to sculpt the hairdo from all sides without fear of it getting taught. All this electricity is needed to power the V9000 motor, one of the most powerful motors in Wahl’s line that also happens to be comparably quiet.

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The manufacturer claims it is half again as effective at cutting your hair as those built into similar models, and personal experience would have to agree with this. The motor doesn’t run that hot so you don’t need to turn the clippers off mid-haircut during summer and can get multiple family members’ hairs done all in one sitting.

Another feature that speaks of these clippers’ premium quality is their versatility, starting with the blade itself. Unlike other models whose blades are rigid and need to be replaced to achieve different effects, the blades of the Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip can be adjusted by pulling on the convenient thumb lever. This alters the way they taper and gives you finer control over creating cuts that rely on hair of varying lengths to look amazing. You get eight different-sized comb attachments to help with this even further.

In order to keep them in excellent working condition, your clippers need to be cared for, and Wahl doesn’t disappoint in that respect either. Among the accessories you get are a cleaning brush that takes care of any stray hair that might have gotten stuck inside the blades as well as some high quality oil with which to lubricate them and ensure that your 30th haircut is as immaculate as your 1st. Provided you actively take care of the clippers, they have the potential to deliver smooth, precise haircuts for well over a decade.

As you’d expect with quality clippers like these, complaints are more akin to nitpicking than actually being serious. While the blades are indeed very sharp, the perfectionist might not find their initial setting good enough. For the tightest of haircuts only a zero gap will do, and the blades will need to be tightened up before use if you’re keen on one. Luckily this is straightforward to do and only needs to be done once. The blade guard is a little flimsy and tends to fall off. Other than these and the fact that you don’t get a case to put them in, these clippers are almost flawless.

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  • Excellent quality blades which don’t dull, cut very close to the skin and last long if maintained properly
  • Powerful motor which keeps surprisingly cool and reasonably quiet
  • Enough inherent settings to further customize and fine tune haircuts regardless of length and hair type
  • Long cord for easier reach and greater mobility
  • Stylish and professional appearance of the clippers themselves


  • To make them as effective as possible, the blades need a slight adjustment before use
  • The blade guard could have been made better
  • There’s no storage bag, forcing you to either use the inadequate cardboard box or get one separately

The Verdict

There’s nothing more left to say except to restate the value of the reviewed clippers. For a price that, granted, is a bit on the higher side, you’re getting a handheld machine that will clip, cut, trim and style hair of all kinds while keeping up with your demands. It’s all about speed and accuracy, and in the hands of someone who’s already got a cut or two under their belt, it can do some amazing work.

Whether you’re in need of a reliable pair of clippers to maintain your own appearance and that of your family members, or want to invest in a professional-grade tool that can become the backbone of your hair stylist business, choosing the Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip has all the makings of a very sound investment.