What Clippers Do Barbers Use?

When it comes to the clippers that barbers use, there are usually some specific things they want to see in the product. A good barber is not just going to buy any old clipper and hope for the best. They run a business focused around hair cutting and beard trimming, so their clippers absolutely need to be top notch. Let’s figure out exactly what a barber looks for when buying clippers. What clippers do barbers use?

Features of Barbers’ Clippers

When it comes to hair clippers used by barbers, they only use the best ones around. After all, they need to have the best equipment in order to do a good job and retain customers. Let’s talk about some of the most important features that any barber is going to look out for when buying hair clippers to be used on customers.


One of the most important things that a barber looks for is the power of the clipper in question. The best clippers will have a high-powered motor that can cut through large quantities of the thickest hair with absolute ease. Related to this, one thing that barbers always keep in mind is that clippers should remain cool to the touch; they might warm up a little bit if there is a lot of work going on, but they should not burn up and kill the motor. If they start to heat up too much, a barber can tell that the motor is working overtime and might be on its way out.


Something else which barbers always look for when buying clippers is how long they can run on a single charge. A good pair of clippers should be able to last for at least 60 minutes on a single charge before needing a battery replacement or needing to be recharged. Many barbers still use corded hair clippers. Yes, the cords might get in the way a little bit on occasion, but there is never any worry of having to recharge the battery or the clippers dying in the middle of a trimming session. This really does depend on the preference of the barber in question.

The Blades

There are a couple of different types of blades out there, most of which follow the general pattern. The difference does not lay in how the teeth look, but how many teeth the blade has. Barbers usually like blades with large numbers of teeth, as they tend to work faster and be more accurate. However, this is not the important part. What is important is that a barber gets a pair of clippers that has self-sharpening blades. Many will look for stainless steel blades because they are moisture and rust resistant, which is an obvious bonus, no doubt.


Also related to the blades, clippers used by professional barbers need to be safe. A customer is not going to come back for round two after a barber has made them bleed. Yes, accidents do happen, but this is why barbers look for clippers with rounded blades. These blades are great for cutting hair, but they cannot cut skin. At the same time, there should be some kind of guide or safety cone present to protect ears and sensitive membranes from being cut.

Length Options

One of the biggest features which any barber looks for when buying clippers is how many different length options the model in question comes with. Most barbers will look for at least 5 or 6 different length options, everything from near total removal of hair to a couple inches in length. Simply put, different customers want and require different hair lengths, which means that the guide combs need to reflect that. On that same note, a barber will always look out for a clipper that has easy-to-change guide combs. If a barber is working on a client and has many people waiting in line, he does not want to spend several minutes fidgeting with the clipper just to change the comb length.


Now, this is kind of a general statement, but barbers look for durable and long-lasting clippers. Most barbers are willing to spend a few extra bucks for a pair of clippers that will last for a long time to come. This goes for the blades, the motor, the grip, the guide comes, safety features, and more. Simply put, a good barber is willing to make an investment instead of buying cheap clippers that will break down after just a few uses.


At the end of the day, it is fairly safe to say that barbers use clippers which are good. It may sound kind of funny, but barbers will look for the best clippers with the highest level of durability and the most options. There are many different models out there which fit the bill, but they must all have these essential features described above.