Are Clippers Refillable?

Hair clippers are a great invention no doubt. They are really fast, convenient, and easy to use. Clippers can cut down on the time it takes to cut a head of hair big time. They also make it much easier to get good looking and even cuts. Heck, with scissors it could take a barber close to half an hour to do the same job as a good pair of clippers can accomplish in just a few minutes. There is a lot to know about clippers, with the ability to refill being one of those things. So, are clippers refillable?

The Blades

The long story made short is that most clippers do come with refillable blades. Now, using the word refill as opposed to replace might seem a little weird here, but it applies none the less. For today’s purpose, we are going to use the words “refill” and “replace” interchangeably, as they both apply just fine. Back in the day, there were lots of clippers around which were not refillable, which was quite a problem. The blades would wear out after just a couple of months, rendering the clipper as a whole totally useless. However, as the years went on and technology progressed, clippers began coming in the refillable variety. This means that when the blades of a clipper are no longer sharp enough to cut hair without pulling at it, the blades could be replaced. This is probably one of the most important features that modern clippers can have. Clippers can be pretty pricey, so having a pair with replaceable or refillable blades is definitely a big bonus. This means that you can replace the blades for just a few bucks instead of buying a brand new clipper. Now, many modern clippers also come with self-sharpening blades, yet another revolution in the world of hair cutting. Self-sharpening blades work by using 2 layers of blades which continuously rub against each other while they are being used to cut hair. This is pretty much like a knife or scissor sharpening tool where you rub the blade against a surface to sharpen the blades. It’s pretty convenient because the clippers sharpen themselves every time they are used. Now, the blades won’t stay good forever, but they do stay sharp for much longer than blades that are not self-sharpening. That being said, even these self-sharpening blades can usually be replaced with new ones once they go dull permanently.

How to Refill Clipper Blades

Refilling clippers is really not that hard; any modern clipper model with replaceable blades will make it fairly easy to replace the blades. Generally speaking, there will be some kind of screw or screws which can be loosened. These screws, when unscrewed, open up a vice-like compartment which holds the blades of the clipper in place. Simply open up the compartment, remove the old blade, and replace it with a new one. Now, many modern clippers will force you to buy a certain kind of blade, which is how certain brands keep people coming back for more products. Just make sure that you buy the right replacement blades for the clippers you have.

The Batteries

Yes, what people usually think of when it comes to the question of are clippers refillable is the blades. However, this can also apply to another aspect of clippers. We are talking about the batteries here. Some clippers still used power cords and there is nothing wrong with that. Corded clippers never need to be recharged and they do not need replacement batteries either. Some people do not like these corded options because the cords can get in the way. However, many professional barbers still use corded models. That being said, as clippers are getting better and more advanced, barbers are starting to use cordless options. This of course means that the clippers in question have batteries, but batteries can die and they tend to do so fairly quickly. Many clippers come with charging stations where the clipper can be placed for a quick charge. Other models come with a simple battery compartment. That being said, even the rechargeable ones have a battery compartment. The point here is that clipper batteries can and do wear out. Even the rechargeable ones need to be replaced or refilled after a certain amount of time. Rechargeable clippers will often degrade over time, resulting in a battery that cannot hold a charge anymore. As long as you find the right battery replacement, you should have no trouble continuing to use those same clippers for many more months to come.


The bottom line is that most clippers are refillable, which is true in more ways than one. A good pair of clippers will allow you to replace the blades and maybe the batteries too.