The Best Clipper Cases

Last updated: February 5, 2022

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A few years ago I found myself doing more house calls, and attending more events related to barbering. This necessitated an easy way for transporting my clippers and their accessories. To find the best one for my needs, I bought a number of the most popular clipper cases. Or rather, I was disappointed with my first purchase, returned it, and kept looking until I found the best one. I have also had the opportunity to try a number of others too. What I ended up finding was a couple of good options with various different pros and cons. Eventually I settled on the Clipper Keeper, and I'm happy.

After using the three most compelling options for months at a time, it was obvious the Clipper Keeper is the best clipper case for most barbers, myself included. It comfortably holds six sets of clippers, looks professional, is durable, and is a good compromise of size, weight, and versatility. While it’s not the most affordable product on my list, it’s the only one that fits a good overall use-case, is built to last, and can be used regularly.

#1, My Top Pick: The Clipper Keeper

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As I mentioned above, this is the option I think will work best for most people. It's the product I use most commonly to organize my workstation and do house calls. I’ve owned mine for about two and a half years now and it still holds up well, despite my regular and relatively careless use (I’m usually in a rush). It’s the only option I’ve seen specifically for barbers that seems truly well-built and high quality.

For my primary use, namely during house calls, it definitely stores enough of my collection to be useful. I never feel like I’m missing anything, however, if you’re a professional with a big collection you’re not going to fit everything in it. I personally wouldn’t want it any bigger or heavier though, even if it could hold more. It seems to strike the right kind of compromise of size and weight to still be useful as a carrier.

It’s not without its flaws however, if you need to hold more than six sets of clippers at all times when mobile, this won’t be of much help. It’s also not the most affordable option, that said, it does seem like a good value in this space. The locks are the only part of this that seemed cheap to me. Since I first published this article I've since had someone write in to tell me they've tried DIY-ing their own lock onto it and apparently it works great!

#2, If you’re on a budget: Top Performance Clipper Case

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The Top Performance Clipper Case was actually the first case I had bought. I bought it based on my friends' recommendation and its low price. This product seems to be more aimed at pet grooming, and is definitely quite limited because of it. It'll get the job done if you’re low on cash however, or would suit someone who just needed a case a few times. Unfortunately, it only fits two sets of clippers comfortably, and may require a little adjustment to get working right, but it’s certainly the best value option I found.

To fit my Oster 76s I needed to cut the foam a little, but it wasn’t much of a hassle. It seems designed for something in the smaller-Andis-size-clippers area.  Managing clipper cables takes time to wrap and keep tidy though which is a little annoying when packing up. On the plus side, it’s light and small making it good if you’re just cutting kids hair, or someone who just wants a simpler cut. Mine arrived with a couple of small marks, nothing I was really too disappointed with. It didn’t affect its use and it still looks good, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless.

It’s definitely not as durable as the Clipper Keeper, but it’s durable enough. Don't expect to be getting years and years out of it though. Ultimately I’d only recommend it if you’re on a budget and/or just need to transport a few sets of clippers.

#3, If you want something customizable: Vestil CASE-1814

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This case works great if you have a very specific set of needs. It's not intended to work as a barber case but is surprisingly one of the best options. (It's designed for tools and more labor-intensive jobs.) If you want to be able to customize the layout and function of your case this is a great option. The Vestil is similarly priced to the Top Performance with a very different set of pros and cons. As one would expect, it’s not as fitting for clippers as other cases, as it simply isn’t made for them. That’s not to say they fit terribly, or it shouldn’t be done, merely this isn’t going to be as snug and easy. After it’s been arranged to best suit your needs it actually works quite well. It fits a good number of clippers (I had only tried four but it could likely fit another couple if absolutely required).

Unlike the other options on this list, it has a keyed lock and it works well. The locks on the other cases are for some reason a continual sore spot. As expected for its lower price, it’s not the highest quality product. That said, it gets the job done to a perfectly satisfactory level. I would expect it to last a good while. Overall Vestil has designed a good case that can hold clippers reasonably well. You'll just need to be comfortable adjusting it to fit your needs a little first. 

Why I don’t recommend The Barber Box

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Despite being one of the most talked about cases online, I can’t bring myself to recommend The Barber Box. While it is the largest of the cases I’ve used and can hold some of the most items, it tips the scale in the wrong direction. It's simply unwieldy, cumbersome, and heavy. Moreover, it doesn’t best the six sets of clippers The Clipper Keeper can hold. (Even though it wins out with other accessory space.) But the biggest reason I don't recommend it is simply down to its quality. It definitely wouldn't last more than a few months of heavy use, purely because it's so poorly made.

Even with light use mine began to show wear and tear and had the handle snap after about three weeks. Anecdotal maybe, but the materials simply aren’t made to last. Coupled with the price at least equalling The Clipper Keeper it’s a surprise to me anyone would buy this product. The only circumstance I could really see this being at all useful regularly is for organizing equipment at a shop. Or if you needed to move your collection a few times here and there (like twice a year as an example).

Case in point: The Barber Box may seem popular and a fitting product for your needs but it likely isn't. I can't see myself whole-heartedly recommending it to anyone. 

How Important is a Clipper Case?

This is a question I get quite frequently and don't have a perfect answer to. I think for most barbers they're at least worth trying out but many may not need one. It all depends on how often you find yourself doing odd jobs out and about, if you need a good mobile organization tool, and if you find yourself wasting time, or running the risk of damaging equipment. A clipper case isn't something I would say I need all the time, all year round but personally I'm happy to have one now I do. As time goes on I can see myself needing it more as I do less work in a shop. 

Overall: Get The Clipper Keeper

Compared to the other options I liked, The Clipper Keeper is still leagues ahead for most barbers. If you’re on a budget or need more customization, it may not be the best choice. However for those serious about barbering who need a solid case that'll last, The Clipper Keeper is the best option. It can hold six sets of clippers easily, is relatively lightweight and small, and looks professional. It’s by far the best choice for most barbers.