Andis 20-Piece All Hair Clipper at Home Haircutting Kit Review

Andis is an American company which was founded in Wisconsin and has been around since the 1920s. In their respectable lifetime, they’ve brought out numerous haircare, grooming and related products with this sizeable hair clipper set being one of the most recent ones. Intended as a quality grooming tool for the self-conscious guy to use in his own home, it has a lot of things going for it with just a few setbacks you may not find to be deal breakers. What does this American-made affordable and effective pair of cutters have to offer you? Take a closer look at the in-depth review of the Andis 20-Piece All Hair Clipper at Home Haircutting Kit and find out!

Features of the Andis 20-Piece All Hair Clipper at Home Haircutting Kit

Appearance wise, these clippers feature a minimalistic, contemporary design that’s also well in line with the shape of one’s hand. Its body is a glossy black color with silver trimming which are neutral and cool-looking tones most anyone would find appealing. Its contours are well-designed, simulating the counterpart to one’s hand well and making your grip on the device firm without causing your hand to ache after a while. It is comfortably heavy when held, possibly a little too heavy for first timers used only to beard trimmers, but this weight isn’t a negative. In fact, it helps you from slipping and makes your movements more precise. Said slipping is something you want to avoid as the Andis clipper’s blades are made out of hardened stainless steel and really get stuck in. There doesn’t seem to be any big difference in cutting speed between dry and wet hair, and the same goes for unruly curls too. The setting can be adjusted with a knob at the side of the clippers, so you can create anything from crisp, uniform buzz cuts to layered and sophisticated fades. Provided you actually know how to pull haircuts like that off, these clippers have the fine tuning it takes. This nuanced approach to cutting and trimming hair is best represented with the number of accessories you get. Twelve out of twenty are guide combs of varying sizes and lengths. Even a zero size comb is included for hair as close to clean shaven as possible. Other accessories include a pair of scissors, two ordinary combs, a small cleaning brush and a bottle of machine oil used for lubrication. Put together, these provide a solid foundation for cutting and trimming your hair at home. Propelling the blades to their task is a solid motor powered by electricity. The sound it puts out is standard for clippers of this quality, and you can even forget that they are whirring away while concentrating on more delicate stages of the haircut like sideburn trimming. Vibration is another matter – you may experience a distinct rattle while using the trimmer due to the motor being hard at work. This doesn’t affect the results or your level of control, but may start to feel uncomfortable after longer use. A 6-foot cord delivers power to the motor and should be more than enough for the cramped conditions of a standard-sized bathroom. Although there are so many small bits and pieces to take account of, they needn’t clutter up your bathroom when not in use. A handy plastic case is responsible for that, keeping each of the 20 pieces as well as the clippers in one place. Its quality wasn’t one of Andis’ priorities, but it takes care of storage and quick access to each bit well enough. Since these clippers are very reasonably priced and the machine itself is of a quality you’d expect from a brand that has a wider influence, some concessions needed to be made. While it’s great that the clippers didn’t have to suffer because of this, one can’t really say the same about the accessories, the combs in particular. They’re made from a low-quality plastic and are machined in a way as to feel awkward, even a bit painful when you’re using them since their tips can scratch up your scalp if you press too firmly. That alone wouldn’t be enough cause to complain, but the issues with the combs don’t end there. The 2-3 smallest ones are frail and don’t fit the clippers very well so you’ll have to keep an eye on them if you don’t want one to come loose mid-haircut. There are twelve of them in total, which can cause a right mess and confusion when you need to find the right one. While the degree of precision this gives you is very high, fewer, adjustable attachments would have made for a better implementation.


  • Contains all the tools you need to do a variety of haircuts and styles at home at a very reasonable price
  • Clippers are well made, easy to control and durable
  • Blades are sharp and tough enough to last a good while if cleaned and oiled regularly
  • Many attachments with small increments let you precisely tailor any haircut
  • Adequate cord and strong motor help speed up haircuts


  • The quality as well as the finish of the plastic guiding combs is below average
  • The motor vibrates considerably, making longer sessions impractical
  • With many accessories comes a lot of unnecessary clutter

The Verdict

Andis has managed to hit the nail on the head when it comes to this set’s accessibility and usefulness. For a small investment, you’re getting solid clippers made locally. While some of their limitations don’t make them suitable as tools one would use in a professional hair salon all day long, Andis 20-Piece All Hair Clipper at Home Haircutting Kit is everything one could ask for in a tool that you can use to maintain your look at home without having to spend a dime more than the asking price. The clippers are going to pay for themselves after only a couple of months, leaving you with almost five years’ worth of frugal grooming before their warranty runs out, and almost certainly many more if you handle them with care.