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The best clipper advice from Give It A Cut website.

What Is a Clipper Cut?

The barbering world can be tricky to first navigate into, whether you’re looking to cut your own hair, want to start cutting other peoples, or just want to know a little more for your next trip to the barber, you first need to know exactly what a clipper cut is as a foundation. Clipper Cut […]

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Hair Clippers Numbers Guide

The world of barbering can be daunting to a newcomer, whether you’re looking to cut your own hair for the first time, or you’re simply looking for a better understanding of what the guard sizes mean, I’m here to help. I’ll break it all down so you can have the confidence you need to get […]

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How Clippers Work

Clippers are of course awesome tools to have in your arsenal. Any home hair cutter, barber, and pet barber has a pair of clippers laying around somewhere. They are easy to use, they are accurate, and they can save a whole lot of time compared to using scissors. People have been asking how clippers work, […]

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Are Clippers Refillable?

Hair clippers are a great invention no doubt. They are really fast, convenient, and easy to use. Clippers can cut down on the time it takes to cut a head of hair big time. They also make it much easier to get good looking and even cuts. Heck, with scissors it could take a barber […]

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What Clippers Size To Use

Clippers are probably the most convenient and effective innovation in the world of hair cutting in the past few decades. Simply put, cutting hair, especially on men, has never been so fast or easy. Heck, the same job could take up to 10 times as long with your good old hair cutting scissors when compared […]

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What Clippers Do Barbers Use?

When it comes to the clippers that barbers use, there are usually some specific things they want to see in the product. A good barber is not just going to buy any old clipper and hope for the best. They run a business focused around hair cutting and beard trimming, so their clippers absolutely need […]

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